Tribal Armbands 3 Styles Temporary Tattoo

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Armbands Temporary Tattoos

Our armbands temporary tattoos are sexy and show that you want to show off but do not want the pain of real tattoos. Many movie and TV stars today are sporting temporary tattoos so that they can change them up or remove them depending on the roles.

You too can have they same hot "California License Plate" or "Tramp Stamp" look that is temporary. They can be removed without laser surgery.

These tattoos are all applied with water and can be removed with rubbing alcohol.

This is a hot tattoo for the ankle or arm! It is also sexy on the lower back.! Great body art temporary tattoo.

Tribal Armbands B- 3 Styles
Tattoo Size: 3.5"x12"
Each sheet has these 3 tattoos.

Order multiples in the shopping cart so there are plenty on hand as needed!

NCTT193 - "Tribal Armbands B- 3 Styles" Temporary Tattoo

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