Sapphire or Ruby Stone Belly Back Chains No Dangle

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Sapphire or Ruby Stone Belly Back Chains

Our newest collections is the Back Belly Chains Jewelry.

Adorn your waist (and your backside!) with a back belly chain. Back belly chains can also be attached to belly jewelry for the ultimate look. Works with or without piercing jewelry.

Belly Back Chains dangle from your lower back rather than from the front. Looks very much like Tribal Tattoos. Very sexy with swim wear or swimsuits, evening wear or anytime you want to show off your lower back with jewelry!

It is sensuality at its best!!

Approximately 32-33" long. All Belly back chains have a free 8" extension available.

NBBC01ND - "Tribal Design with Sapphire or Ruby Stone" Belly Back Chains - No Dangle

8 in Extension
No Extension
Stone Color
Ruby Colored Stone
Sapphire Colored Stone

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