Non Piercing Belly Jewelry

Non Piercing Belly Jewelry

Non Piercing Belly Button Jewelry & Rings Crystal

Non piercing belly button dangle jewelry for those of you that want all the pleasure of body jewelry and none of the pain. Our NEW and EXCITING navel jewelry will allow you to show off that mid-section with a hint of sexy dangle jewelry.

Do not be afraid to experiment with these fun pieces. Each dangle comes with a genuine SWAROVSKI Crystal top part and made of surgical steel.

Choose one or all of these temporary sexy jewelry pieces as accessories to all the sexy outfits for all year around.

Each belly button jewelry package comes with the a tube of non toxic, hypo-allergenic glue to attach the temporary jewelry to your navel. There is enough glue for about 20 uses. Order extra glue so you are never without it.

It is the time of year where supplies are limited so get yours now.

Each non piercing ring includes:

  • 316L Surgical Steel.
  • 10mm Genuine Swarovski Crystal.
  • 1 tube of non toxic glue

"™ – Shaping the Future of Sexy Jewelry & Intimate Accessories."

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Tube of Body Glue
Tube of Body Glue Latex-Free Cosmetic Adhesive 10ml Tube w/Sponge Wand Applicator (in cap) Specially formulated for use on skin. Keep out of cold weather. If frozen, stays solid. Use when the sticky part of the bindi come off after cleaning. Glue can be removed with rubbing alcohol. 10ml Tube of Body Glue for the Crystal Bindi Tattoos or use with other non piercing body jewelry items. Ingredients: AQUEOUS ADHESIVE, Water BGLUE1 10ml Tube of Body Glue for use on skin. ..