Nipple Rings

Nipple Rings

Nipple Rings Non Piercing

Non piercing nipple rings jewelry are no pierce worn on parts of the body to stand out and look great. They make the wearer feel sexy fun!

A great novelty item, these nipple rings hoops are the new trend. No pain is involved in wearing the jewelry.

These rings use industrial rubber bands between the metal casings to give the appearance of pierced body jewelry but its just that, an illusion. There is NO PIERCING!

Slipping the nipple between the ring half's securely adds enough pressure to keep the nipple rings in place. This piece is very comfortable and safe. A fun pierced nipple ring alternative!

Great innovative designs! These nipple rings require no piercing at all.

See a video of wearing the Rubber Band rings on our Wearing Nipple Rings Page .

Nipple Rings

Do you think your nipples might be too small to wear the nipple rings pictured here? Our customers tell us they have used "Ardell Lash Grip Adhesive" to hold the jewelry in place. Just be careful using "LashGrip Adhesive" if you are allergic to rubber latex. Again, thanks for our customers that sent us this idea!!!

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