Queen of Spades Crystal Tattoos

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Queen of Spades Temporary Crystal Tattoos

Queen of Spades Temporary Tattoos will help potential black lovers identify sexy white girls at parties, nightclubs, the workplace (if you dare) or even at the supermarket.

It will also let white men know they would be wasting their time to bother striking up a conversation. Adding this crystal temporary tattoo affords the white girl ample opportunity to show off her likes and wants. It is a great conversation starter too. Great for those swingers parties or interracial parties.

Unlike real tattoos, this one can be removed when there is a need to more "conservative" in appearance. But do not kid yourself, you can also add this tattoo in other places where a slight move the right way can show off to whom needs to see it! The BBC will love to see these!

These tattoos, if removed carefully can be reused a few times. So you get your value from just a few of these tattoos. Order more for those time later where time is of the essences.

Made in India from the finest materials, this tattoo has a black background, clear and silver tone crystals and the has a clear cut-out that lets your skin color show through. Very nice indeed! You will attract the attention you want!

The Queen of Spades Crystal Temporary Tattoo on the card measures approximately 1 5/8" x 1 1/2".

This is a sexy temporary tattoo for the ankle, shoulder, back, butt, above "you know where" or anywhere you want to advertise.

Order multiples to have anytime the mood is there! If used carefully, this tattoo can be used over and over again. Get them while they are smokin' H-O-T!

TCTQOS1 - Queen of Spades Crystal Tattoos

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