Plain Vibrating Tongue Ring

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LIX Thrasher Plain Vibrating Tongue Ring - Piercing

Wherever the Vibrating Tongue Rings are worn, these items are still straight barbells & seen as universal jewelry. Every barbell we carry comes in the standard size of approximately 5/8" and the gauge is 14. (Remember, the higher the lower the number, the larger the thickness.)

Retails at $59.95 and Batteries included.

The Vibrating Tongue Ring is a chrome plated, powerful, battery operated, micro massager that is perhaps the most intriguing and exciting gift that is ever purchased. This patented, versatile massager may be used in as many ways as your imagination will allow, so let the imagination run wild!

Vibrating Tongue Rings. This is an all steel vibrating tongue barbell with extra battery. This vibrating tongue ring only requires one standard watch battery to operate. The entire piece is crafted in stainless steel and is water resistant. The 5/8" tongue barbell is 14 gauge and features a standard threaded 6mm ball on the bottom. Have hours of pleasurable fun with this vibrating tongue ring.

We also have many more koosh style tongue rings available. Many different multi colored koosh ball barbells.

Please read this complete product instruction sheet before using any TongueJoy® products. This information is both important and necessary to use your TongueJoy® products both properly and safely.

TRLIXPLAIN LIX Thrasher Plain Vibrating Tongue Ring - Piercing

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