Pentagram Nipple Shields Jewelry

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Pentagram Nipple Shields Jewelry

Our latest nipple charm is the Pentagram Nipple Shields Jewelry in SURGICAL STEEL. The Pentagram is pewter.

These are the best nipple rings or shield for women with larger nipples. Why? these are the most pliable and bendable so they should not break or lose their shape (within reason of course.) We highly recommend these shields for your first pleasurable experience.

It is easy non piercing jewelry to attach to your nipple and to stay attached.

It will help keep your nipples erect and standing at attention. It is sensuality at its best!! This huggers your nipple and feels H-O-T! And a great Goth item.

pentagram nipple jewelry

Clip-on nipple shields beautifully slips on over each of your erect nipples and keep them super-pert and standing at attention, adding an aesthetically sexy appeal. A simple way to achieve an erotic appearance without committing to piercing your nipples.

Do you think your nipples might be too small to wear the nipple shields and nipple embracers? Our customers tell us they have used "Ardell Lash Grip Adhesive" to hold the jewelry in place. Just be careful using "LashGrip Adhesive" if you are allergic to rubber latex. Again, thanks for our customers that sent us this idea!!!

Please see wearing instructions.

Order 2 in the shopping cart if you want a pair! Order multiples in the shopping cart.

NS101SPEN - Pentagram Nipple Shields Jewelry- SINGLE

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