Nipple Shields Stones

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Need to order two to make a pair

Nipple Shields 11 Stones

Our latest nipple shields have 11 BLUE STONES in the swirls. You pick the color stones!

It is easy non piercing nipple clips that attach to your nipples and stay attached. It will help keep your nipples erect and standing at attention. It is sensuality at its best!! This huggers your nipple and feels H-O-T!

Non Piercing Nipple Shields

Simply slip the opening of the center portion of this non piercing nipple shields over your nipple and pull the nipple through. The shield will pinch the nipple slightly, causing no discomfort, but keeping the piece in place! If there is discomfort, do not wear them.

Wearing any of our body jewelry under a crop-top, with a bikini or anything sheer or even braless will give the sexiest look ever. WOW!!

Just so sexy and classy in one breathe. These designs will make everyone stop and take notice. The wearer will feel the sexiness of body jewelry and the pain-free pleasure of not putting holes through the skin. No pain, all the pleasure!

Designed for pleasure with the non-piercing and pierced women in mind, these are made to have fun!! All of our designs are for the erotic women who need to be different from the rest. Simple, extreme or just downright over the edge, has the nipple jewelry and accessories that will make anyone just that much sexier!

NOTE: These do not bend. the opening is approximately 1mm or 3/8" openings.

Order 2 in the shopping cart if you want a pair! Order multiples in the shopping cart.

NS205S - 11 Hoops with Stones Silver Tone Nipple Shields - SINGLE

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