Colored Nipple Shields Rainbow Hearts

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Need to order two to make a pair

Colored Nipple Shields "Rainbow 8 Hearts" - Single

This Sterling Silver Body Jewelry Nipple Shield is a Rainbow design to show off your PRIDE!

The 8 Hearts style is one of our most popular styles of our other sterling silver shields. Colored non piercing nipple shields are charms that are fun jewelry to wear. Turn heads!

These are also very sturdy and unlike the cheap and flimsy wire huggers you see all over, these shields will NOT bend. They are MADE TO STAY!

This Sterling Silver Nipple Shield will help keep your nipples erect and standing at attention. It is truly the "Next Generation in Body Jewelry!"

There are also other added benefits in using non piercing nipple rings and jewelry. Above and beyond protecting your nipples and putting off any unattractive cost may occur, there is the ability to be able to switch along with various jewelry styles with no difficulty or pain. Non piercing nipple rings are hold on with pressure Theses types of rings are also appropriate for people who want to keep away from infections and allergies from wearing rings made of less that superior materials. Women who are afraid of everlasting piercing scars can also wear these rings in order to avoid piercing marks on their bodies.

Please see wearing instructions.

Do you think your nipples might be too small to wear the nipple shields? Our customers tell us they have used "Ardell LashGrip Adhesive" to hold the jewelry in place. Just be careful using "LashGrip Adhesive" if you are allergic to rubber latex. Again, thanks for our customers that sent us this idea!!!

These Colored Nipple Shields Rainbow 8 Hearts are approximately 2.5mm in size with the opening approximately 1mm wide.

Order 2 in the shopping cart if you want a pair! Order multiples in the shopping cart.

NE303RB - Colored Nipple Shields in Sterling Silver - "Rainbow 8 Hearts" - SINGLE

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