Nipple Shields Chevron

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Nipple Shields Chevron

Our newest nipple charm is the Chevron "Shield Design" Nipple Embracer II. It is easy non-piercing jewelry to attach to your nipple and to stay attached. It will help keep your nipples erect and standing at attention. It is sensuality at its best!! Opening is about 3/8".

Shields on nipples are very erotic.

The Non Piercing Nipple Shields encircle your nipple with surgical steel that attaches at the base of the nipple. Wear them behind your existing piercing's too!

Nipple shields are non piercing erotic jewelry gives that constant, noticeable & ERECT look that men cannot resist. The feeling for women is simply out of this world. What a look under today's sheer tops & bikinis!

Perfect for those first timers who are trying body jewelry. All of these nipple clips features a gentle break that allows the shield can latch onto the nipple with the slightest pressure.

NE023S - Shield Design Nipple Embracer Nipple Shields Single

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