Nipple Shields 8 Heart

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Nipple Shields Nipple Jewelry - 8 Heart

Nipple Shields (8 Hearts). Sexy NON-PIERCING Nipple Shields. This innovative new pattern for allows everyone to experience the nipple ring sensation without all the pain... and only the pleasure. The ingeniously designed nipple shields fit almost any nipple. They are made to be flush with your breast and definitely drives the boys crazy... and the girls too!

It is easy non piercing jewelry to attach to your nipple and to stay attached. It will help keep your nipples erect and standing at attention. Clip-on nipple shields beautifully slips on over each of your erect nipples and keep them super-pert and standing at attention, adding an aesthetically sexy appeal. A simple way to achieve an erotic appearance without committing to piercing your nipples.

1.2mm or just under ½ inch openings.

This huggers your nipple and feels H-O-T!

See this and all of our nipple shields on the Non Piercing Nipple Shields page.

NS103AS - 8 Heart Nipple Shields Nipple Jewelry - Surgical Steel - SINGLE

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