Non Piercing Nipple Rings Hexagon Shaped

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Hexagon Shaped Non Piercing Nipple Rings

Our latest nipple jewelry uses rubber to apply the pressure need to attach. Choose either the 12mm or 14mm opening.

It is easy non piercing jewelry to attach to your nipple and to stay attached.

It will help keep your nipples erect and standing at attention.

Very Comfortable and none of the pain of piercing!

These rings use industrial rubber bands between the metal casings to give the appearance of pierced body jewelry but its just that, an illusion. There is NO PIERCING!

Slipping the nipple between the ring half's securely adds enough pressure to keep the nipple rings in place. This piece is very comfortable and safe. A fun pierced nipple ring alternative!

NRR01 - Hexagon Shaped Non Piercing Nipple Rings Silver Tone Metal - SINGLE

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