Nipple Ring with Faux Pearls and Dangle

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Need to order two to make a pair

Nipple Ring with Faux Pearls and Dangle

Nipple Rings are nipple jewelry that stays on the nipple with non piercing rings that are EASY to wear. All of the options have sexy wording or designs that will make anyone pay attention!

Our latest nipple charms are the "Faux Pearls" Non Piercing Nipple Rings. Attached as a dangle are some very sexy options from which you can choose.This nipple ring is non piercing and has small faux pearls on the ends! Very Elegant!! It is easy non piercing jewelry clips to attach to your nipples and to stay attached

Pain and pierce free nipple rings that are adjustable and will fit most size nipples (not for inverted or flat nipples.) If they are eraser sized, then these rings will not hurt and will stay in place. SEXY AND FUN! They don't hurt, they stay put and best of all, they look and feel amazing!

Our nipple jewelry will allow your nipples to stay erect and hard and keep you horny! Let them show through your sheer top and let everyone know just how naughty you CAN be!

Wear a pair of these nipple rings dangle with faux pearls and see for yourself how sexy they are. You can also get a pair for that special someone in your life.

Here are our options for our non piercing nipple ring:
“Cougar” Dangle Nipple Ring - SINGLE
“Bitch” Dangle Nipple Ring - SINGLE
2 Cherries Dangle Nipple Ring - SINGLE
3 Hanging Skulls Nipple Ring - SINGLE
Blue Colored Crystal Skull Nipple Ring – SINGLE
Red Colored Crystal Skull Nipple Ring - SINGLE
Pink Colored Crystal Skull Nipple Ring - SINGLE
2 Dangle Goth Black Beads Nipple Ring - SINGLE

If you are already pierced, you can wear these behind your gauged jewelry.

Sexy Nipple Rings / Nipple Jewelry / Sexy Jewelry / Unpierced Nipple Rings / Non Pierced Nipple Rings

Order 2 if you want a pair! Order multiples in the shopping cart.

NRR5200 – Faux Pearl Nipple Rings with Designs – Single $13.95™ - Shaping the Future of Sexy Jewelry & Intimate Accessories.

Cougar Dangle - SINGLE
Bitch Dangle - SINGLE
2 Cherries Dangle - SINGLE
3 Hanging Skulls - SINGLE
Blue Colored Skull - SINGLE
Red Colored Skull - SINGLE
Pink Colored Skull - SINGLE
2 Dangle Goth Black Beads - SINGLE

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