Body Jewelry Shields Celtic

Body Jewelry Shields Celtic

Body Jewelry Non Piercing Shields Celtic

Body jewelry is still exciting and sexy to wear. It is sexy jewelry that will make everyone who wears it feel erotic.

All the pleasure and none of the pain. Do NOT be left out! Everyone is wearing some kind of Body Jewelry Shields! Tantalize those who get close to you with these fun and sexy non piercing nipple rings. Add our cool body jewelry at great prices to your collection today!

NEW and EXCLUSIVE Original Celtic Body Jewelry & Non Piercing Nipple Shields.

Do you think your nipples might be too small to wear the nipple shields and nipple embracers? Our customers tell us they have used "Ardell Lash Grip Adhesive" to hold the jewelry in place. Just be careful using "Lash Grip Adhesive" if you are allergic to rubber latex. Again, thanks for our customers that sent us this idea!!!

Nipple Shields are sexy nipple jewelry that will make you feel horny and look sexy.

We do offer jewelry for women with larger nipples.

Visit our other Nipple Shields and Back Belly Chains pages too!!

NEW Styles to arrive soon!!!

"™ – Shaping the Future of Sexy Jewelry & Intimate Accessories."

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Nipple Shields Jewelry Celtic Knots
Nipple Shields Nipple Jewelry "Celtic Knots FIRE Shield" Single Different, provocative, sexy, daring, you name it, this one is it. The "Celtic FIRE Shield" body jewelry nipple shields is a non piercing jewelry alternative piece. This design almost looks like a fire departments shield. Female firefighters love this design... and the male firefighter's women love wearing them too! Traditional knots are what this is about! The opening on this one is smaller. This is perfect for girls with that "Eraser-like" nipple that stick out about 1/4". You will look fantastic in this k..
Nipple Jewelry Shields The Claddagh
Nipple Jewelry - The Claddagh The CLADDAGH. Unique and EXCLUSIVE to The traditional wedding ring of the Irish since the 17th Century, the Royal Claddagh ring is today worn by people all over the world as a universal symbol of love, loyalty, friendship and fidelity. For love, we wear the heart. In friendship, we wear the hands. And, in loyalty and lasting fidelity: we wear the Royal Claddagh crown. Now wear it close to your heart... literally. This is a very cute Nipple Ring Shield. It is easy to attach to your nipple. This particular ring has a 3/8" open..
Celtic Knots Nipple Jewelry
Non Piercing Nipple Shields Open Celtic Knots Non-Piercing Nipple Shields are a great novelty item, these ultra sexy non-piercing nipple shields, rings and jewelry are a huge hit. No piercing is needed for this beautiful nipple jewelry, simply slip the non-piercing nipple shields over the nipples and the slight pressure keeps it in place. This piece is very comfortable and safe. A fun pierced nipple ring alternative! Great innovative designs! These nipple rings require no piercing at all. Clip-on nipple shields beautifully slips on over each of your erect nipples and keep them ..