Nipple Dangle Jewelry Fiber Optics

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Nipple Dangle Jewelry Fiber Optics

The NEW Nipple Dangle Jewelry Fiber Optics hoops with silver tone chains. These will look very SEXY dangling about 3 ½" from your nipple.

The beads are make of Fiber Optics and come in either KELLY GREEN, SAPPHIRE or PINK. Hoops are Clear, Black or Ultra Thin Hoops. In Silver Tone.

And these nipple hoops also come in the new nipple attachment, the "New Sterling Silver Attachies™". This is a sterling silver attachment and EASY to wear. See above for an example. There is an additional cost for the sterling silver attachment.

Nipple dangles leave you feeling aroused all day long! These are the original "nipple slides jewelry".

Nipple dangles jewelry can be worn under your clothes! Acquire a constant smile and brighten your day. Your friends will wonder what you're smiling about. These Nipple Dangles are like a nipple noose!

These non piercing nipple dangles (hoops), body jewelry is both attractive and sexually arousing when worn, and the hoops slide around the nipple keeping you aroused all the time.

Sold as a pair

NHB002 - Nipple Chain with Colored Fiber Optics in Sapphire or Pink or Emerald

Fiber Color
Bright Pink
Bright Kelly Green
Rich Blue Sapphire
Hoop Style
Clear Hoops
Sterling Silver Attachies- Add $11.00
Ultra Thin Hoops
Black Hoops

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