Nipple Chains Bells

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Nipple Chains with Bells

These nipple chains can be ordered in Clear, Black and Ultra Thin Hoops, or our NEW STERLING SILVER "ATTACHIESTM".

Nipple Chain With Bells - 10-11" length. Pictured here with clear hoops. Chains are plated.

There is an additional charge for the sterling silver attachies. You can only order these with the silver tone bells.

Nipple chains are non piercing nipple jewelry that is worn between the breasts, attached to each nipple. The nipple chains will be seen slightly "dangling" from behind a low cut top, giving everyone a suggestion of erotic fun and sensuality.

LC003 - Nipple Chains with Bells

Hoop Style
Sterling Silver Attachies- Add $11.00
Ultra Thin Hoops
Black Hoops
Bell and Chain Tone
Silver tone

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