MFM or FMF Piercing Belly Jewelry

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MFM or FMF Piercing Belly Jewelry

At parties it can sometimes be difficult to introduce yourself to others. One of the main problems people have, especially if you are new to the lifestyle, is a way to tell others at a glance what you are and what you are looking for. It is hard to break the ice sometimes.
Say you are a couple, and looking for a couple, we have a symbol for that! Maybe you are a single woman/man that is straight or Bi, we have a symbol for that! Or maybe you are a couple looking for one playmate, we have that covered as well.

Choose either the MFM or the FMF to dangle from your belly. Sterling Silver symbols.

Show off. Great conversation starters. Be Bold. Be Wild! And it can always be just the number of your kids, if the wrong person asks.

SBP002 MFM or FMF Piercing Belly Swingers Jewelry. MFM or FMF dangles.


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