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Clit Clip Jewelry Swarovski Beads
Clit Clip Jewelry w Swarovski Beads Wearing clit jewelry fits right around the clit and inner lips. Simply part your outer labia and slip the clit clip behind the clit and around the inner lips until the curved top achieves a snug fit. The pressure of the clip should hold it in place. The additional pressure and friction the clip provides will cause your pussy to naturally swell and increase in size. This brings increased sensual awareness and arousal. Show off with this clit jewelry and all of our non piercing body jewelry selections. The illusion is everything. The look is simply ..
Ex Tax: $18.95
Earring Dangles Swarovski Beads
Earring dangles leave you feeling and looking sexy all day long! These are the original "nipple slides jewelry". Pictured here are the Earring Dangles with Silver fish hook earrings and silver tone chains. These will look very SEXY dangling about 3 ½" from your earlobes. SWAROVSKI beads are Ruby, Sapphire, Fuchsia, Amethyst, Emerald, Clear, Lt. Emerald, Red and White or Faux Pearl colored. In the cart you can pick the color you desire. These earring complement and look so sexy with our Nipple dangles jewelry hoops with silver tone chains. These will look very SEXY d..
Ex Tax: $19.95
Nipple Clips w Swarovski Beads
Nipple Clips w Swarovski Beads Pictured here are Nipple Clips with BEADS!! These will look very SEXY dangling 1 3/4" from the bottom of your body jewelry ring. GREAT for hanging from your nipple chains! We use SWAROVSKI Beads. This nipple jewelry item is pictured here with the "Lobster" claw attachment. Ring not included. This jewelry attaches to your existing nipple rings. Part of the non piercing collection. These are not nipple huggers. Wearing the nipple clips will give you the sexiest look if you are not wearing a bra. We offer nipple clips not nipple huggers, but our eroti..
Ex Tax: $12.95
Nipple Dangles Swarovski Beads
Nipple Dangles Swarovski Beads Nipple dangles leave you feeling aroused all day long! These are the original "nipple slides jewelry". Nipple dangles jewelry can be worn under your clothes! Acquire a constant smile and brighten your day. Your friends will wonder what you're smiling about. These Nipple Dangles are like a nipple noose! Attract attention and look sexy! Turn heads and gain confidence with a more sexy look. Today, everyone seems to be "showing" and it is very sexy and attractive. You will look great from under your most sheer top or lingerie! Nipple dangles be..
Ex Tax: $14.95