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4 Crystals with Larger Single Crystal Dangle
4 Crystals with Larger Single Crystal Dangle Belly rings, know as Navel Rings, are seen today as fun, everyday jewelry. Look at any high school or college campus, bar or most public place and you will see this sexy belly jewelry everywhere. We have picked some of the most popular designs to offer here at These rings are for people that have their navels or belly buttons pierced. Show off your sexy tummy with our jewelry while wearing your cute crop tops, halters or maybe nothing at all! Enjoy. All of our piercing jewelry are 14 gauge. Remember, the lower the nu..
Ex Tax: $8.95
Temporary Tattoo Skull Large
Temporary Tattoo Skull Large 6116 Temporary Tattoo Skull Large 5"x5.5". The large skull is a temporary tattoo that is a non-permanent image on the skin resembling a real tattoo. So sexy and so changeable when YOU want! “Temporary tattoos usually consist of five main elements: the front of the sheet of paper, the back of the sheet of paper, ink, glue and a protective plastic sheet. The front of the sheet is covered with a special coating upon which the tattoo image is printed with special inks. A layer of glue is then applied on top of the image. A thin, transparent plastic sheet is ..
Ex Tax: $4.95
Large & Small Rose Temporary Tattoo
Temporary Lower Back Tattoos Rose Our lower back temporary tattoos are sexy and show that you want to show off but do not want the pain of real tattoos. Many movie and TV stars today are sporting temporary tattoos so that they can change them up or remove them depending on the roles. You too can have they same hot "California License Plate" or "Tramp Stamp" look that is temporary. They can be removed without laser surgery. These tattoos are all applied with water and can be removed with rubbing alcohol. They look so sexy in the middle of the lower back, right about the low-r..
Ex Tax: $1.95