Steel Glans Ring - Non Piercing

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Steel Glans Ring - Non Piercing

Penis or cock jewelry is both attractive and sexually arousing when worn, allowing for erotic fun and a great penis jewelry look! To the right is the non piercing captive penis ring. My husband wears his all the time!! See how wearing this jewelry is arousing fun!

Push your sexual desires to new heights with the body jewelry "non-piercing" rings that is both attractive and sexually arousing when worn.

You NEVER want the rings too tight to cut off circulation!!

Great looking high quality, stainless steel glans ring to be used just below the head of the penis. This piece is crafted entirely of 316L stainless steel and polished to a mirror finish. The ball is a unique spring loaded ball to allow easy removal.

The thickness of the steel circular piece is 3.5mm (slightly larger than 8 gauge). The inside diameter of the ring is 25.5mm (1 inch)

*** This novelty is intended to be used as a body decoration. IT IS NOT for use during intercourse as the ball may come out***

Hubby LOVES this one!

CR1006 - DECORATIVE Stainless Steel Glans Ring - NON PIERCING

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