1. What terms do you know about nipple jewelry or body ornaments? Using the right terminology goes a long way. Know the difference between straight barbells used for "tongue rings"; curved barbells for all "belly rings" and captive rings for "vagina jewelry." The more you know the more confident you will be buying piercing or non piercing body jewelry.
  2. What is your familiarity with different types of body jewelry? There are all the barbells (curved, straight, circles, "invisible", plugs, captive, screws (nose and cheek), bones, setpems, twists, pinchers, claws and the list goes on. Know them and the difference.
  3. What the type that will work for you, either as piercing jewelry or non-piercing or fake jewelry? Almost all jewelry and other types can be worn as labrets, nose, lip, eyebrow, dermo, and bone jewelry. These can be worn even in the ears in place of standard earrings. Yet, not all jewelry can be worn just anywhere.
  4. Does the nipple jewelry, or body ornaments, have enough area to stay put? Diameter of the jewelry plays an important part. You do not want the gauge of the jewelry to be too small that it will not stay in place, nor too give to be a burden. Unless you like the large thickness look!
  5. Can I change my own nipple or vagina rings? Of course you can if you know what you are doing. But if you are not healed or have any questions about it, ask your piercer to change your jewelry. That is what they are there for. This is another reason to wear only NON PIERCING NIPPLE JEWELRY!
  6. Can I get cut or scratched? Yes you can so make sure you look over your jewelry and notice if there are any breaks or metal that is not smooth. If you marred the jewelry, get rid of it and get new ones.
  7. What gauge or millimeter size should I choose? Remember, the difference in gauge can be deceiving. The smaller the gauge, the LARGER the thickness. So a 4 gauge nipple ring is much, much thicker than a 14 ga. (gauge) or standard nipple ring.
  8. I am sensitive to latex and so many things. What metal should I use? Sterling silver if you can afford it. If not, use either surgical steel, titanium (what is used in joint and bone replacements), or implant grade steel, Teflon or even glass. These might cause less sensitivity.
  9. Are there nipple jewelry or other rings that will not limit my movement? Teflon (PTFE) as a metal for jewelry is great as it is very malleable. Its properties are better for wearing in belly and other places during, for example, pregnancy.
  10. What do I do with any old body jewelry? Can I wear my friends old jewelry? Absolutely NOT! You do not know how clean someone else is and how they maintained the jewelry. This is just not sanitary to wear. Because it is worn in the body and mixes with blood and other fluids, it is like using someone else toothbrush or underwear. Don't do it.

Make your decisions with a little knowledge and you will for far and look sexy in your piercing and non piercing nipple rings and body jewelry.