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No-Pierce Lip Rings, Nose Rings and Ear Cuffs

Non Piercing Fake Lip Rings and Fake Jewelry from can be worn anytime!

Captive Bead Rings, Cartilage Earrings and Nose Jewelry are Non-pierce and are made of 316L Surgical Steel. Therefore its safe to wear. This is the material of piercing rings and shields.

Create a stunning look without pain with our Non-Piercing Fake Body Jewelry. These clever rings make it easy to spice-up your appearance piercing free! These can add all kinds of sparkle with even your regular ear piercing, making it look more sexy.

Use these as fake nose rings or lip rings. Try these to see if you really want to get pierced. This jewelry is a sexy alternative that you can wear whenever you want. And quickly remove when needed.

It is sensuality at its best!!

This fake body jewelry requires no piercing - it simply fits onto your ear, lip or nose & holds. Non-pierce jewelry is made of 316L Surgical Steel. Each ring is approximately ½ MM wide so they do not take up much room but look HOT!

Clip on body jewelry is so sexy and erotic

Non piercing fake CBR illusion ring. Suggestions for use include as a clip on cartilage earring or clip on lip ring. This universal non-pierced circular barbell simulates a real piercing.


  • 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel
  • Non-Pierced Clip-On Ring
  • Illusion 2-Ring Non Pierced Clip On Ball Closure Ring

This cute black-toned, lips, nose and/or ear cuff has 2 loops with black balls that look like 2 little BCRs.

NPRHXB2-B - Fake Lip, Nose, Ear Jewelry 2 Captive balls - Black

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