Crystal Tattoos Bindi

Crystal Tattoos Bindi

Crystal Tattoos Temporary Swarovski & Bindis

Crystal tattoos temporary jewelry looks beautiful anywhere on the body. These Body Jewels, or BINDIs, are hand-crafted in India. Vajazzle your Vajayjay & great nipple decorations.

They are self-adhesive, temporary reusable breast tattoos, fun, and perfect for any occasion. All designs are in one piece for easy application. To store, simply return the design to the backing sheet. If the self-adhesive wears off, use a bit of non-toxic glue to extend the life of your temporary crystal tattoos.

Sometimes these crystal tattoo body jewelry items are worn as a style statement. International celebrities such as Gwen Stefani, Shakira, Madonna, and Shania Twain have been seen wearing bindis. Even Jennifer Love Hewitt on the Lopez Show "Bedazzled and Vagazzle her Vajayjay."

What are Bindi Crystal Tattoos anyway?

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