Clit Clip Jewelry Ace of Spades Dangles

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Is she into the BBC? Does sexy interracial play interest you? Why not show off some sexy Ace of Spade jewelry while panty-less?

Ace of spade charms are silver and black enamel.

Wearing clit jewelry fits right around the clit and inner lips. Simply part your outer labia and slip the clit clip behind the clit and around the inner lips until the curved top achieves a snug fit. The pressure of the clip should hold it in place. The additional pressure and friction the clip provides will cause your pussy to naturally swell and increase in size. This brings increased sensual awareness and arousal.

Show off with this clit jewelry and all of our non piercing body jewelry selections. The illusion is everything. The look is simply sensational!

Non-piercing and designed to remain in place without inflicting pain. This item is a type of jewelry used to add to a woman's sex appeal. Thanks to a friend's request!

She tells us:
Jewelry Wearing Instructions
A little lube (KY Gel or some such lubricant) applied to the clip before putting it on will make it much easier to slide it over the inner labia.

We use Cleopatra clips.

NCC03ACE Clit Clip Jewelry Ace of Spades Dangles

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