Brown Braid Leather Bracelet

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Leather Bracelet with dyed leather with waxed cotton, brown in color that is braid and is adjustable up to 9 inches with a macramé clasp.

Leather has been with us from prehistoric times. Skins of animals helped man to make clothes, footwear, armour, carpets, liquid containers, kind of decorations and even huts or shelters and many other different things.Leather was popular all over the world, but it didn’t become really popular till industrial revolution, when the method of processing leather changed.

Leather has many advantages: it is durable and natural material. Besides leather is very versatile and it’s very easy and convenient to create numerous kinds of leather bracelets. They can be simple and modest or sophisticated and chic. They may be made only of leather or may be adorned by various beads, chains and laces – in any case you’ll always be in trend with your leather braceletLeather jewelry is usually not made in mass production, so you won’t probably meet anyone wearing the same leather bracelet as you do. Whether you’ll choose a simple leather bracelet or, for example, brown braid leather bracelet – you’ll always feel the warmth of natural material on your skin and it will hold the history and secrets of your life safely and forever.

Our jewelry are everyday bracelets. Adjustable to fit most, get yours today!

Style: Cuff 
Color: Brown 
Material: Leather 
Clasp: Tie 
Bracelet dimensions: Adjustable to 9 inches long

LB1744JU - Brown Braid Leather Bracelet - $8.95

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