Black Raging Tribal Nipple Rings

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Need to order two to make a pair

Non piercing nipple rings, also known as “Nipple Embracers” use pressure to adhere to the nipple. These are the same as piercing jewelry except there is NO PIERCING! Embracing the nipple, this jewelry, when encircling the nipple, will give a great sensation.

The Black Raging Tribal Nipple Ring is comes in one size, with a 10mm opening. The opening is complete so there is no way to open or tighten this jewelry.

It keeps the nipples erect and standing at attention. It is sensuality at its best!!

Many pop stars today wear piercing jewelry. Many also wear non piercing. What is great about this jewelry is there is no healing time since there is penetration of the skin.

Nipple Shields will stay on better!! One can also back these with a little eyelash or body glue to until one get used to the feeling. Unlike the cheaper "wire" jewelry, you do not have to worry about this bending after the first use and you have wasted your money!

There is a heavier weight to this shield too. You will know they are there and better yet, so will your partner. Once you get used to the feeling, all you have to do is remember they are being worn and that sexy feeling washes all over you again.

Do you want that constant, noticeable & ERECT look that men cannot resist? The feeling for women is simply out of this world. What a look under today's sheer tops & bikinis!

Perfect for those first timers who are trying body jewelry for the first time or women who have be pierced before and did not like all the problems that can occur. There is no adverse pain because there is no piercing.

This design features a gentle whole that allows the shield can latch onto the nipple with the slightest pressure.


This nipple jewelry is NOT recommended for women who have small or inverted nipples, or have TOO large nipples. If you do, you will not be able to insert the Nipple Jewelry over the nipple.

10mm is the opening of this jewelry. Please look at the picture of our model wearing the rings.

We do offer jewelry for women with larger nipples. These are the nipple shields that we recommend!

Order 2 in the shopping cart if you want a pair! Order multiples in the shopping cart.

NELSN033 - Black Raging Tribal Nipple Ring – Single

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